Why conduct inspection at your supplier site?

When you are conducting inspection during manufacturing of your critical component at your supplier, you are ensuring that your component is manufactured correct according to the specification and in according to general practice of good workmanship.
The inspection will minimize quality problems later on in your assembly process and improve the ability of your product during the production phase of your product.
The inspections are conducted as spot checks or as 100% inspection depending on the consequences of potential defects.



FEC has passed the GWO courses for conducting offshore inspections as well.

Which benefits will inspection add to your component?

  • Ensure correct storage of raw material
  • Ensure positive evident of specified tests
  • Ensure use of correct repair methods in case of damages
  • Ensure knowledges of all deviating issues happening during manufacturing
  • Ensure correct packing before dispatch to avoid transport damages

To ensure acceptance from you supplier to conduct the factory inspection, Flex Engineering and Consulting ApS is recommending incorporating the requirement in the contract.