What is expediting?

Expediting is a method used to ensure timely delivery of critical components. Avoiding delays often means avoiding to lose a lot of money on your project!

How is the expeditor working?

The expeditor is identifying the bottlenecks of the production and calculating the minimum possible time needed to fulfil all included processes.

The capacity of the involved processes must be analysed to be able to ask the right questions:

  • What if we put one shift more on?
  • What if we are working in the weekends?
  • What if are involving another subcontractor?
  • Etc.

These scenarios may have some negative consequences, which need you need to take action on in order to minimize the negative effect. For example might adding of more shifts result in quality problems, if you do not make sure to increase the quality inspection.

The expeditor is the eyes of the customer at the supplier site and will report any noticed deviations of the production schedule immediately, which make the customer able to get in dialog with the supplier in order to keep the original delivery time.

To create efficient communication to benefit of the information delivered of the expediter, there must be established regular telephone meetings, with representative of the top management of both parties to achieve maximum commitment from the supplier.

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